Written by Troy Chamber Intern, Bella Marzec

Founded in 1938 and expanded to Troy in 1976, the San Marino Club began as a modest gathering place where families could come together to celebrate their shared ancestry to the Republic of San Marino. Over the years, it has evolved into a vibrant community center that hosts a myriad of events, from social gatherings to weddings.

The club was established to foster a sense of camaraderie among Michigan residents who have ancestral ties to San Marino and sought to connect with their heritage.

Entering the San Marino Club feels like stepping into another world. The tour consisted of Mayor Ethan Baker, Tara Tomcsik-Husak (President & CEO of the Troy Chamber), Sheila Denstaedt (Vice President of the Troy Chamber), Sydney Dych (Director of Marketing & Education of the Troy Chamber), and myself. The warm and friendly greetings from Daniela Grenon, Sales Manager of San Marino and Mauro Bianchini, President of San Marino, and Mary Sutherland, Event Coordinator made us feel right at home.

Before starting the official tour, Mauro provided a bit of a history lesson. It was news to me and some others in our touring party that San Marino is one of the world’s oldest republics. Nestled within a beautiful, mountainous landscape, San Marino boasts a rich history that spans over 1,700 years. This tiny microstate, only 30 square miles large, has endured the ebb and flow of time, preserving its independence through centuries of political upheavals and territorial changes in the surrounding region. San Marino reflects a tenacious spirit that has allowed this small republic to persist as a symbol of endurance and autonomy.

“You’re keeping the cultural heritage alive here,” said Mayor Baker, as Mauro proudly displayed the beautiful paintings of San Marino. “That is reflected in the work you do for your members.”

Through the years, the club has expanded its offerings to include language classes, cultural workshops, and youth programs, ensuring that the younger members of the community remain connected to their heritage.

For eighty-five years, the San Marino Club has mastered the art of perfecting the versatility of its space. They are an ideal venue for various occasions like business meetings, corporate events, weddings, and nonprofit functions.

“Planning an event, especially a wedding, can be overwhelming,” said Daniela, as we toured one of their ballrooms, which can accommodate nearly eight hundred guests. “But our detailed Event Coordinator, Julie Djurich, and Director of Operations, Lisa Alinder, are here to help brides to be with making it a wonderful experience.”

The San Marino Club has developed a soft spot for supporting local nonprofits, recognizing the vital role they play in enhancing community welfare. Striving to make a difference, the club recently decided to allocate 5% of the booking price for nonprofit events held at their venue back to charitable causes. This commitment highlights their dedication to weaving together cultural celebration and community responsibility under one welcoming roof.

The San Marino Club actively engages with the broader Troy community through charitable initiatives and events by participating in local festivals, charity drives, and collaborative projects, the club serves as a bridge between the San Marino community and the diverse tapestry of Troy, fostering understanding and goodwill.

The club takes a lot of pride in being able to transform its space into a beautiful venue perfect for any event for any sized party. From the moment you arrive, you are transported to the countryside of Italy and immersed in an ambiance that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of attending banquets here before,” said Tara. “The food is always delicious and the staff are just phenomenal.”

As the tour came to an end, Sheila asked the final question, “What does the San Marino Club have in store for 2024?”

Both Daniela and Mauro emphasized the focus on inclusivity for 2024, educating others on San Marino, and attracting the younger generations to keep the legacy alive and well.

As the San Marino Club continues to thrive in Troy, it stands as a living testament to the enduring power of community and the importance of preserving one’s cultural heritage. Through its unwavering commitment to tradition, inclusivity, and community engagement, the San Marino Club remains a cherished institution, weaving the vibrant threads of San Marino into the fabric of Troy’s multicultural landscape.

For more information on booking an event at the San Marino Club, visit www.sanmarinoclub.com.

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