Three out of every four Americans report each day that they are stressed about their finances. That is 75% of the American population, insecure about their financial wellbeing! It’s evident that individuals of all ages (those just beginning to save and those heading into retirement) could use some help with their finances, and there are some organizations seeking to do just that.

Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU), founded in 1954, has embodied financial education and public service since day one. They are deeply committed to the communities they serve by volunteering time, donating resources, educating the youth, and offering free educational programs. Every decision and direction of MSGCU is guided by their “people helping people” philosophy.

The MSGCU branch in Troy, right by I-75, was impressive. The space is well laid out for the public and they even offer spaces to the community. The tellers were friendly, and very knowledgeable on fraud detection, something MSGCU is proud of.

“Despite our name,” says Ann Jones, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, “We don’t just serve schools and government. Our services and educational programs are available to any individual in the state of Michigan. It’s a stigma we are working to dispel.”

It was clear throughout our tour that MSGCU has a strong and purposeful mission of educating those they serve in financial literacy. Workshops and educational programs are offered to kids, young adults about checking/savings accounts, credit cards, saving for college, and healthy saving practices. Adults are offered workshops in buying their first home, planning for retirement, and even fraud education.

“It’s great to see how MSGCU not only provides great service but it helps to educate the community on understanding financial literacy,” said Mayor Ethan Baker.

With 24/7 access to on-demand learning for financial education and special savings accounts for those aged 16-23, MSGCU is certainly accomplishing their goals.

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Pictured in image from left to right: Jeffrey Hopson (Assistant Vice President Retail Services), Mayor Ethan Baker, Ann Jones (Vice President Marketing & Business Development), Margie Baldwin, Ed.D. (Business Development & Community Relations Manager), & Tara Tomcsik-Husak (President & CEO, Troy Chamber of Commerce)