Written by Sydney Dych, Director of Marketing & Events


While Troy is well known for its corporate world, a lot of the folks who work in or around Troy have pets at home. What is one to do with their precious fur baby while they’re at work? Look no further than Hounds Town!

The day that Mayor Baker, Tara, and I visited, we were immediately greeted by the excited barks and curious sniffs of the dogs currently staying in the daycare. The place was remarkably clean, and it was evident the dogs were happy, healthy, and having a great time.

“Is there a specific type of person you see dropping their dogs off?” asked Mayor Baker. “I’ve boarded my dog Ruffy here and we had an incredible experience, but have you seen a trend of who drops their dogs off at the daycare?”

“Most of our daycare clients are teachers, nurses, cops, and people who travel for work… the daycare is our most popular service and it’s the daycare community we really want to build here. We’re here to help the dogs that are stuck at home alone while their owners are at work, need to learn how to socialize, or just have tons of energy.”

“Many people don’t understand how difficult it was for pets after COVID. Families were home 24 hours a day with their pets but now people are heading back to the office and this has created a very different and lonely environment for our pets,” stated Tara.

“A lot of the dogs we see in here are COVID pups,” Travis said, as we toured the main daycare area. “People got puppies or dogs during COVID for company, but once things got back to normal and they started going back to work in person, these dogs were faced with severe separation anxiety and depression. We’ve been the answer for a lot of working people.”

“How is staffing?” Mayor Baker asked. “Have you been affected by the staffing shortage?”

Travis was proud to say they are nearly fully staffed.

“We’re hiring, of course, but we have a trustworthy, reliable team.”

I can imagine working here brings another level of joy to his employees.

As we walked through the main play area, laughing at the dogs peeking their noses through the gates and jumping up to see us, Travis explained that while a lot of his job is building community relationships with his corporate neighbors and the daily operational components, majority of his job is understanding the psychology of his furry tenants and their temperaments. Just like with people, you learn to understand their behaviors, how to get along with them, and how they get along with others.

“Dogs deserve to have their minds stimulated, their bodies exercised and to live socialized lives. We’re all dog people here and we work hard to ensure they are stimulated and happy while you are away at work. The happiness of your dog dictates ours.”

“And don’t forget about the Cats! I love that you have boarding for your feline friends as well that is tucked away from the dogs,” Tara interrupted. “It really is a welcoming place for all.”

And to his point, all the dogs we saw seemed incredibly happy with wagging tails, big smiles, and tons of energy. Travis and his team are careful when assigning dogs to certain play areas, making sure to keep big and small dogs apart and to watch for conflicting temperaments. I saw how dedicated they are to ensure their furry tenants are safe and happy.

For more information on the grooming, boarding, or daycare services at Hounds Town Metro Detroit, visit www.houndstownusa.com. Be sure to follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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