The majority of the American population see chiropractors for the single purpose of musculoskeletal adjustments, typically in response to pain and pain management. Until recently, I thought the same, not realizing that there was so much more to the chiropractic practice than just adjustments to the back, neck, hips, and more. After meeting and discussing with Dr. Ruvayn Rubinstein, Owner of Thrive Chiropractic, along with Mayor Ethan Baker, I’m pleased to have my perspective broadened.

Dr. Rubinstein opened his practice eight years ago on Crooks Road in Troy, MI. His practice has received numerous awards, including Top Chiropractor by Hour Magazine from 2016-2018, and he is a published author in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research on Parkinsons Disease.

Mayor Baker and I started off our tour in the newest addition of his office. While COVID-19 put a halt to some of Dr. Rubinstein’s plans, such as hosting seminars for other chiropractors in the area, he was able to expand his office space, providing extended services for his patients, including three massage rooms.

“What type of patients do you adjust most frequently?” Mayor Baker asked. “I see you have an adjustment table for both children and adults. Do you often adjust children?”

“I’ve had patients as young as twenty-four hours old, to 92 years old. I’ve done many infant adjustments, but most of my patients are adults, though adjusting infants and adults are not much different. I’ve also adjusted major league athletes.”

Dr. Rubinstein took great pride in his x-ray room and emphasized its importance in his practice.

“Some practices choose not to utilize x-rays before adjusting their patients,” he said. “Thrive is not one of those practices. X-rays provide us with more information and allow for a more detailed and thorough patient examination and proper adjustment.

At the end of our tour, it was clear that Dr. Rubinstein is passionate about what he does.

“Pain management is not what we do as chiropractors. It’s only 1% of what we do and quite honestly, pain is only a symptom of the real issue at hand. We prioritize the function of the body over the symptoms that the body presents. We help the body to function properly, which in turn will lead to a healthier immune system, improved mental health, and less pain.”

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