What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than celebrating one of our Women-Owned Business Members, Entech Staffing Solutions.

Today, Mayor Baker and I toured Entech with Kathy Camara, CEO, and Amy Gross, President.

Entech Staffing Solutions is a Woman-Owned (WBENC Certified) regional provider of specialized HR and staffing solutions for medical and industrial industries. In addition, Entech was chosen as one of Michigan’s 100“Cool Places to Work” by Crain’s Magazine. They demonstrated healthy company culture and employee appreciation efforts long before the pandemic. With over three decades in the HR and staffing industry, they’ve had many years to ensure their culture fosters growth and support for their employees.

Not only is Entech a Woman-Owned Business, it also boasts an entirely female staff of 45 women.

“We’re proud of it,” says Kathy Camara, CEO. “We’re happy to be here making a difference for everyone. We throw our girls’ bridal showers, we host physical fitness classes every week, offer nursing rooms for new mothers, and more. Most of all though, we’re here to bring the girls up in their roles. We’re watching the next generation of Entech grow right before our eyes and it’s what brings me the most pride.”

“Society would be better if we focused more on relationship building, and I love that that’s what you guys are doing here,” says Mayor Ethan Baker. “It’s making you stand out from the rest, especially since you’re grooming your current staff to lead moving forward.”

Entech was founded in 1983 by Amy’s mother, Janet Sparks. However, in 2008, after Janet fell ill, her daughter Amy and lifelong friend, Kathy, joined together and took over the company to keep Janet’s legacy alive. “We didn’t and still to this day don’t want to sell. She would have been thrilled to see this tradition and legacy carry on,” says Kathy.

While touring, we met so many dedicated employees, all with smiles on their faces.  It showcased a team that truly cared, because they knew their leadership cared for them as well. I am sure Amy’s mother would be very proud to see her legacy continue and more importantly, grow.

To learn more about Entech, visit their website- https://www.entechstaffingsolutions.com/

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