In today’s Focus Troy, we will introduce you to Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), one of the nation’s leading insurance brokerages, providing risk management and employee benefit solutions to organizations of all sizes. The Troy location works mostly with middle-market companies, with roughly 90% of their clients being in Michigan, plus additional clients in Chicago and other areas. Well known for their HR seminars, they provide employee health and benefits services, business insurance, retirement services, and culture and DEI consulting. They have locations in Troy, Grand Rapids, and Livonia, with a growing team of 170 employees.

Pictured from the left: Denise Sherwood- Vice President, Health & Benefits, Rebecca McLaughlan- President & CEO, Michigan, Health & Benefits, Tara Tomcsik-Husak- President & CEO, Troy Chamber, Ethan Baker- Mayor, City of Troy, Hollis Griffin- Vice President, Health & Benefits, Sheila Denstaedt- Vice President, Troy Chamber, Ryan Bowers- Marketing Director

Today I was joined by Mayor Baker and Troy Chamber Vice President, Sheila Denstaedt.  We were greeted on the 23rd floor of the PNC Center with a warm welcome from the staff, including Rebecca McLaughlan – President & CEO, Michigan, Health & Benefits, Hollis Griffin – Vice President, Health & Benefits, Denise Sherwood – Vice President, Health & Benefits, and Ryan Bowers – Marketing Director. They were proud to show their newly renovated, modern space that accommodates their team in ways it didn’t before.

“The views from your conference rooms and offices are incredible,” said Mayor Ethan Baker, as we walked through their space. “I love that you can look down at every angle of Troy and see the expansion of how we’ve grown as a city from here.”

Rebecca McLaughlan, who led the tour, agreed. “We’re excited to finally be coming back in person,” she said. “We’re actually hosting a New Hire Mixer for all the new staff that were onboarded during the COVID-19 era, right here in the office.”

While the physical tour itself was interesting, what I found fascinating is how they combine global reach and resources with a connected, local, and passionate approach to service. They maintain a 2:1 client-to-staff ratio, so it’s the best of both worlds for growing companies.

“You clearly offer a wide variety of HR-related services to your clients, but what would you say makes you stand out the most?” asked Sheila.

“We’re excited, and proud, to note that the fastest-growing resource we provide is DEI and culture consulting,” said Rebecca McLaughlan. “We offer a strategic approach to diagnosing an organization’s current DEI state, develop strategies that align with their goals, and then help move the DEI needle forward. It’s one of our most in-demand services.” In the wake of George Floyd and the ensuing BLM riots, their clients recognized and embraced the necessity of DEI in the workplace, seeing Marsh McLennan as a way to help them accomplish their goals, but it was a resource MMA offered before the incidents of 2020.

The team was also excited to announce that this is their 25th anniversary. They are very excited to be celebrating in their new office, with reduced COVID-19 restrictions and a better business outlook. They hope to host a 25-year anniversary celebration.

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