Written by Troy Chamber Intern, Jake Czarnik


Why do people need professional headshots? That’s a question lots are asking these days now that smartphone technology is becoming more advanced. It’s easy enough to snap a quick selfie and update your LinkedIn profile, but let’s be honest, is that really how you want to portray yourself? Headshots tell your story and whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or an employee at a Fortune 500 company, your face is your brand and you want to look your best. Some professionals use blurry selfies or outdated and overused headshots that are 20 years old, while Scott Lawrence’s clients can present images that reflect themselves and their experiences today.

Scott Lawrence, Owner of Headshots by Scott Lawrence, is not just a photographer. He’s an experienced headshot and portrait specialist with a dense portfolio and has been making his mark in Troy since 2019. Emanating from Chicago, Scott’s passion for providing professional headshots and photographs has propelled him to the top of his profession. He works with clients in various industries including lawyers, doctors, actors, and consultants. He also does team photos, composites, and personal branding sessions.

Scott is dedicated to helping his clients craft meaningful and professional headshots in a welcoming setting. As soon as Mayor Baker, Tara, and I walked into his cozy studio, we were greeted by his smiling face, warm lights, and an array of equipment that helps capture those perfect shots.

“I’ve noticed that photography equipment and a studio like this can make people stiff and uncomfortable,” Mayor Baker said. “How do you get your clients to relax?”

“My YouTube channel can help clients prepare,” Scott said. “But the magic really happens during the session as I have to connect with my client and quickly calm the nerves.”

As we toured his studio, he showed us some of his hand-painted backgrounds, specialized lighting, and his favorite headshots, composites, and corporate group photos displayed throughout the studio.

“I like that you keep it real,” Tara said. “Your editing process is the perfect blend of beautifying, without overediting and making them look like a different person. You keep the integrity of the person in every shot.”

“Professional headshots should reflect who you are,” Scott said. “Excessive editing can take that away.”

Scott sets himself apart by providing an amazing service in a short amount of time. His typical corporate headshot appointment at the studio is only twenty minutes, making it easy for busy professionals to be in and out in no time. For those looking for a more comprehensive personal branding session with professional makeup, hair, and several outfit changes, Scott does those as well. These sessions are popular among actors, models, consultants, and social influencers.

“Why do you believe every professional needs a headshot?” Mayor Baker asked.

“Professional headshots represent yourself today and your experiences. Everyone is looking you up online. They want to see you, so the image should be true to you and you need a professional to do that. Photographers create time capsules; we capture moments in people’s lives.”

Headshots by Scott Lawrence is located off Big Beaver Road. If this isn’t convenient enough, Scott is also able to turn your office space into a studio for a photoshoot. Scott also provides recurring studio services for new hires in a variety of law firms, consulting firms, sales teams, and financial institutions. This service was well received during the pandemic and continues to be very popular.

You can follow Scott on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. To learn more about Headshots by Scott Lawrence, visit https://scottlawrencephoto.com/

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